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Types of Camera

Cameras, as we’re sure that you already know, come in so many different shapes and sizes with different bodies, lenses, screens, options, megapixels etc. that it can be tricky to decide what to buy. However, we’ve compiled our favourite cameras including compacts, disposables, polaroids and DSLRs.


Disposable cameras are great for capturing the moment without worrying about editing the pictures and finding the right lighting and conditions. It’s your most basic point and shoot and what some people believe to be the most pure form of photography. Great for occasions such as weddings, disposables are a fantastic cheap way to make memories. View All Disposable Cameras


Polaroid cameras are very similar to disposables, but with the pictures printed immediately, straight from the camera and adds a vintage flavour to your photography. Much like the modern Instagram style, polaroids again are very raw and pure and are fantastic for capturing moments with little focus on the quality and more of the feeling of the image. View All Polaroid Cameras


Compact digital cameras are the basic level entry camera and form the basis of the point and shoot philosophy. Compacts benefit in their small and lightweight design making them a perfect travel companion, for high quality snaps without the bulk of a DSLR. Models range from basic entry level snappers to much higher end, professional compacts, perfect for any occasion. View All Compact Cameras


DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras are generally noted as the king of cameras and produce the best picture qualities and boast the most features when it comes to photography. These allow for crisp, high quality images, perfect for post production trickery and editing, creating beautiful images for amateur and professional photographers alike. View All DSLRs